Home Delivery Has Arrived!
Just in time for the holidays!  No waiting in line.  Easy online shopping.  Delivered right to your door.  We're starting with Peoria and the surrounding area.  

Next Delivery Date: Tuesday, December 13

Order Due Date:      Monday, December 12

2017 CSA Shares
Reserve your CSA shares for 2017!   Work is already underway for next year's growing season.   Never heard of Community Supported Agriculture?  Read more and reserve your shares HERE.

Winter Market Days
Come on out for fresh food on the following dates.     

Saturday, December 10
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Peoria

Saturday, December 17
Naperville Tennis Club

Use our current Shopping List to order items for market days. 


Farm Food Group 
Meet the minimum order and we deliver right to you.  If you cannot make one of our regular scheduled deliveries or you're outside our Home Delivery area, contact us and we'll set up a delivery location and date.      


No Short Cuts

We believe in locally raised organically grown food.  We believe the way food is raised and when it is harvested determines the flavor, the nutrition and the beauty.  It also directly affects our health and the health of our environment.

We are committed to producing healthy delicious food for our community and our family.  No pesticides, no growth hormones, no animal confinement,  no GMO's.  In other words, NO SHORT CUTS.

Read about our Growing Practices.  

 Favorite Photo 

On August 16, one of our Guinea Hog sows gave birth to piglets.  Here is one of those piglets about 6 weeks old getting a good scratch from Laura.  

This is a new breed for the farm but we have grown to love the Guinea hogs.  They are so docile and easy to work with plus they are avid foragers that fit right into our pasture program.