Our Food is Home Delivered

Order from our ONLINE STORES and we deliver right to your door.

We offer delivery to areas in and around Peoria and Naperville. This includes both CSA Shares and online orders.


 * Naperville Area - March 7 

Orders due March 6 by 3 p.m.

 * Peoria Area - March 14

Orders due March 13 by 3 p.m.


Want Home Delivery in Your Community?

We need you!   We need more communities for our Home Delivery program.  One time deliveries also available for group orders.   Contact Us if you are interested.


Quarter Beef Available

* 100% Grassfed Grass Finished

* No GMO's

* No Antibiotics

* No Growth Hormones 




No Short Cuts

We believe in locally raised organically grown food.  We believe the way food is raised and when it is harvested determines the flavor, the nutrition and the beauty.  We believe in supporting the agriculture you want to see dominating our landscape and nourishing our communities.

All these factors directly affect our health and the health of our environment.

We are committed to producing healthy delicious food for our community and our family.  No pesticides, no growth hormones, no animal confinement, no GMO's.  In other words, NO SHORT CUTS.  Real food raised with passion and respect for our environment.

Read about our Growing Practices.


Our Move to a New Farm 

In 2015, we made the big decision to relocate to a new farm.  In January 2016, it became official when we purchased a beautiful 25 acre parcel of Certified Organic farmland and timber near Chillicothe.  

Follow our progress as we transition from our Wyoming location to our new farm.  We're building a passive solar home, building our organic gardens, setting up our livestock and so many other projects.

2016 Garden at our New Farm