Growing Practices

What's In A Name?

Natural? Sustainable? Organic? Local?

At Broad Branch Farm, we take raising food very seriously.  Clean food, real food - no pesticides, no GMO's, no cheap inputs, no cutting corners.  Our bodies were not meant to ingest pesticides, GMO's or any of the fake, impostor products corporations try to call 'food'. 

We are committed to raising our Vegetables, Grassfed Beef, Pastured Chicken, Pastured Eggs and Pastured Pork following the cleanest growing practices that actually improve our land, provides the most natural environment for our livestock (pastured) and produces food that not only tastes fantastic but is good for us and our environment.

Certified Organic Feed - We only use Certified Organic Feed for our chickens and pigs.  This assures you there are NO pesticides used on what our animals eat.  No GMO's and no cheap inputs or industrial by-products in the feed.  It's real and it's Certified Organic.   

Certified Organic Hay and Forage - Our Grassfed Grass Finished Beef are pastured on Certified Organic pasture.  In 2016, our laying hens, meat chickens and pastured pigs will also graze Certified Organic pasture.  All livestock are fed Certified Organic Hay. 

Vegetables without Pesticides - We use our own compost, National Organic Program approved inputs such as naturally mined minerals for fertilizer, Certified Organic Hay and Straw for mulching, NEVER any chemicals.

Our family is committed to raising plants and animals without chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones or confinement.  We believe our chickens, pigs and beef should all have access to forage and be allowed to live a life as close to the earth as possible.


No chemicals of any kind are used on the farm.  No lawn chemicals on our homestead or harsh chemicals in our household. We manage our personal and farm environments pesticide free. 

All garden inputs including soil amendments, pest control, composting and livestock management follow NOP and Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) standards for organic growing. 

We are a GMO free farm. We use no GMO’s in our livestock feed and do not use any GMO seeds. 

We do not bring in any outside inputs that may contaminate our soils with any type of pesticide. This includes leaves or grass clippings from yards that could possibly have been contaminated with pesticides.  All inputs such as hay or straw for mulch are Certified Organic. 

 Crop rotation and soil building are emphasized to continue increasing soil fertility.  As one of our favorite speakers likes to say..."There are 3 things you need to know to improve your soil.  1.  Promote life in the soil.  2. Promote life in the soil.  3.  Promote life in the soil."  We agree. 

All straw and hay purchased for livestock bedding, livestock feed and garden mulching is Certified Organic. 

Bedding and manure from our livestock is composted and used to increase soil fertility. 

Cover crops are used to suppress weeds and improve soil fertility. 

All meat chickens raised on the farm receive a ration of healthy pasture, certified organic grain, no growth hormones, no antibiotics. Beaks are never clipped so they can aggressively harvest their pasture. 

Laying hens are fed certified organic feed and range freely 365 days a year. They are pastured spring – fall. Over the winter, the hens are supplemented with fresh vegetables, fruits and Certified Organic hay. Their beaks are never clipped so they can aggressively harvest their pasture.


Beef cattle are born in a Certified Organic Grassfed herd in Illinois. The calves are Grassfed and Grass Finished only and never receive grain. Grassfed beef calves live a healthy life and produce meat that is more nutritious than confined feedlot beef. No antibiotics, no growth hormones.  it takes 2+ years to finish our beef calves on grass giving our beef excellent texture and outstanding flavor.

Our hogs are pastured and receive a Certified Organic grain ration. Hogs do not receive antibiotics or growth hormones. They are allowed to root and romp, play and run. Our hogs never have rings in their noses to prevent them from rooting.  Hogs want to graze plants just as much, and maybe more, than their grain ration.   


 The result of all these good growing practices?

Healthy, Vibrant Grassfed Kids!