Order for Home Delivery

Peoria Area - Wednesday, January 31

Naperville Area - Wednesday, February 7

 E n j o y   Y o u r   S h o p p i n g!

   Pantry Essentials Organic Cheese, Olive Oil, Nuts, Maple Syrup, Granola

  Pastured Eggs  Raised by BBF  

   Meat Packages - Raised by BBF - Easy Shopping

 Bones - Beef, Chicken and Pork - Raised by BBF

   Pastured Chicken - Raised by BBF   

    Pastured Pork - Raised by BBF 

   Grain Free Pastured Pork - NEW!  Raised by BBF 

   Half Pastured Hog - Raised by BBF  Bulk Discount

    Grassfed Beef - Raised by BBF  

    Quarter Grassfed Beef - Raised by BBF  

   Sitka Wild Alaskan Salmon - Provided by Sitka Salmon

   Salad Greens & Vegetables 

   Pastured Lamb - Raised by Blue Ridge Family Farm

   Susannah's Fresh Flowers - Winter Bouquets Available

    Laura's Fresh Herbs - Currently Unavailable


Where Do You Deliver?

Naperville Area Home Delivery Map

Peoria Area Home Delivery Map

If your area is not included, please Contact Us and we may be able to deliver or meet at an agreeable location.

Want Home Delivery in Your Area?

We are currently seeking additional Home Delivery areas.   If you think your community is a possibility, please contact us.

How Do I Place My Order?

Please use our Online Stores to order your items.   You DO NOT have to create an account to order.   

Ordering creates an invoice only - no payment collected with initial order.  

Make sure you receive an AUTO CONFIRMATION for your order.   If you do not receive a confirmation email, we may not have received your order.

Online payment information will be mailed approximately 24 hours before delivery.

Do You Have a Delivery Charge or Minimum Order?

Delivery is FREE!

Minimum order is currently $25.


When and How Do I Pay?

When you checkout, you will receive a confirmation email with invoice only due to weight variations on meat items.  IMPORTANT:   If you do not see this automatic confirmation email listing what your ordered, we may not have received your order. 

Once your order is prepared and totaled, we will email you the final order with total price and a link to prepay.   This email typically goes out the day before the scheduled delivery.  

Payment is with any major credit card.  NO account is required to make payment.

Home Delivery online payments will be charged a 3% online transaction fee which is what BBF is charged charged to take credit card payments.

Do I Have to Be Home for the Delivery?

No!  You do not have to be home for the delivery.  However, please leave us a cooler in shady location (during warm months) to receive your delivery.