Beak to Feet – Simple Homemade Chicken Broth

Beak to Feet – Simple Homemade Chicken Broth

Did you know making chicken broth at home is as simple as boiling water?   And, did you know making chicken broth at home takes two ingredients?   Water and chicken!

Amazingly, these two ingredients come together to create one of the most delicious creations in your kitchen.  Yes, you can easily buy broth in the store but it will never have the rich flavor created by making your own.  The aroma simmering broth creates in your home should be enough to convince you making your own is a really good idea.

To make the best, you have to start with the right cuts on the chicken.  The best broth is made with a combination of skin, fat, meat and bone. Our favorite for broth making is the Necks and Backs from BBF chicken because they have all these components plus enough cartilage in the necks to provide nourishing gelatin for your broth.  When your broth is complete, you will have rich flavored broth, enough meat for a soup and the best fat for frying eggs and roasting or stir frying vegetables.   Nothing is wasted.

There are two types of broth you can make – white or brown.   The only difference between the two is browning v.s. raw chicken before simmering.   Most often, we simply stew the raw necks and backs and do not roast or saute the parts before making our broth.   Browning is fine but not necessary and it really depends on your preference.   If you decide to brown the parts, roast in the oven turning over once or twice to get good browning on all sides.  Be sure to deglaze your pan with water when adding parts to your stock pot to gather up all the juices and bits that will flavor your stock.  Leave nothing behind!

Our rule of thumb is one quart of water for every pound of chicken parts.   Don’t add more or you will end up with a diluted broth.

If you are staring with raw parts, simmer just until the chicken is cooked through.  Remove the backs only and pick off the meat and reserve.  Add the backs back to stock pot and continue simmering.   You can simmer for an hour, 4 hours or longer – either way will create a delicious broth.  Just keep the pot at a very low simmer.

When you call the broth ready, strain through a fine mesh strainer and return all parts to the stock pot.   The fat will rise to the top on your broth.   Save this fat!  This is a healthy, wonderful for any pan frying or oven roasting.   It has a clean flavor and is high heat stable.

Bonus!  We have found you can add another couple quarts of water to the remaining parts and produce a weaker but still quite nourishing broth.   If nothing else, use it to make your rice, simmer potatoes or thin out sauces or soups.

Keep in mind, if you have prepared chicken for your family, use any remaining skin, bones, etc to make stock.  If you can’t get to it right away, place parts in the freezer and pull out on a cold winter day.   The smell of homemade broth and the promise of good food will make your family smile.  Guaranteed.

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