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 Welcome to our 2019 CSA Program!                                                                                                                                       

If you still have questions after reading over the information below, please contact us.


broadbranchfarm@gmail.com  OR   309-231-9290




Will CSA Shares be Home Delivered in 2019?

Yes, we are home delivering all CSA shares to the following areas:

Peoria and Surrounding Area

Naperville and Surrounding Area


What Day is Home Delivery?

CSA delivery day is Thursday.   Each delivery area (Peoria and Naperville) receives a delivery every other Thursday.


When do the 2019 CSA shares begin?

Peoria and Surrounding area:  Thursday, June 6, 2019  Vegetable and Egg Shares Begin
  • Meat Shares are delivered every 4 weeks beginning June 20, 2019


Naperville and Surrounding area:  Thursday, June 13, 2019  Vegetable and Egg Shares Begin
  • Meat Shares are delivered every 4 weeks beginning June 27, 2019


How Often are CSA Shares Delivered?

* Vegetable Shares – every other week, unless custom share

* Egg Shares – every other week, unless custom share

* Meat Shares – once per month, unless custom share


What is a Custom Share?

Custom Egg and Vegetable Shares let the customer choose the delivery weeks for their food.   Weeks are chosen from the pre-scheduled delivery weeks for your area.  Use the following forms to sign up for a 2019 Custom Vegetable or Egg Share:

2019 CSA Sign Up Form

2019 Custom Schedule Sheet

Custom Meat Shares let the customer choose the delivery month for their food.  Use our Online Sign Up page OR the following form to reserve a custom meat share:

2019 CSA Sign Up Form


Will I Receive a Reminder about the CSA Delivery?

Yes, delivery reminders are emailed Wednesday afternoon to those receiving a delivery the following day.


What Time Will I Receive My Delivery?

Delivery time will most likely change with each delivery.  It depends on how many deliveries we have that particular Thursday and where they are located.   The most important thing is to leave a cooler large enough to receive your order.


Do I Have to Be Home for the Delivery?

No, you do not have to be home but PLEASE LEAVE A COOLER for ALL CSA SHARES.

If you have a garage refrigerator or other specifics, we are happy to place the food where it will keep best until you arrive home.

** During the warm months, leave your cooler in an area where it will not receive afternoon sun.  
** Icies are preferred over a bag of ice.  Ice melts leaving food in a pool of water. 
** During the cold months, please continue to leave a cooler to protect your food from the cold.


What if I Have to Miss a CSA Delivery?

Contact us to cancel your delivery for the week you will be gone.
Make sure you receive a confirmation for your cancellation.

You can make up the missed food in another delivery week.  Any of this communication can be done through email, text or phone.


What Size Cooler Do I Need?

Vegetable Share: At least 32 qt. cooler
Egg Share: At least 3 qt. cooler per dozen eggs
Meat Share: At least 30 qt. cooler
Vegetable and Egg Combination: At least 35 qt. cooler
Meat, Vegetable, Egg Combination:  At least 65 qt. cooler


Do I Need Ice or Cold Packs in My Cooler?

Frozen cold packs would be helpful for the eggs and vegetables.  We discourage a bag of ice as it melts and may leave your food (think about the eggs) possibly in standing water.
All Meat and Salmon are delivered frozen.


Can I Purchase Other Items for Home Delivery

Yes, you can use our Online Stores to add items to your delivery including a Vegetable Box, Eggs, Meat, Salmon and more.


Can I Purchase Other Items if I Don’t Have a CSA Delivery?

Yes!  If you are not receiving a CSA delivery that particular week, we just ask you to meet the minimum order which is currently $25.


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