Work at BBF

What: Farm Help Needed at Broad Branch Farm


When: 2022 Growing Season


Who: The people who do the best working at the farm are motivated, stay focused on one task for a length of time and can work outside in all weather.   If you enjoy working hard and seeing a task to completion, the farm can offer that kind of work.

We need people who can successfully handle the heat of summer and the cold of late October.  If you are bothered by bugs, heat, cold, pollen, wind – the farm is not the place for you.


The work is physically demanding and you should expect to bend, kneel, stoop, haul, unload, wash and more.  We want people who can hustle, stay motivated and get the job done. Most people underestimate how physical it is to work at the farm. We can’t emphasize enough the need to be in good physical shape.


Work is usually in a team environment where each member is expected to keep up and pull their weight. Work will include planting, weeding, harvesting, washing and preparing vegetables for CSA vegetable shares.  For the right person, there is also work helping to tend the livestock.


The people who do the best understand every job on the farm is an important step in producing the good food going to our customers.  Every task counts!  Weeding in the field is just as important as filling the CSA vegetable boxes in the barn.  When the work gets tough and repetitive, it helps to have your heart behind the reason for growing food locally and organically.  This work needs to charge your batteries, otherwise, it’s just work!


You do not need gardening experience. What you need is a willingness to work hard in a team environment and help this local organic farm grow, tend, harvest and distribute the awesome food that is produced here.  You need to understand time is always limited and we all must work together at a good pace to accomplish the work each day.  If you are not a motivated, focused individual, the farm is not the place for you.


We are flexible employers and are willing to work around schedules. We are also willing to share what we have learned in our many years of growing food for ourselves and our community. There is nothing more empowering than the ability to grow your own  organic food.

If You Are Interested: Contact Anita at 309-231-9290 or email at