Freezer & Meat CSA Update

Freezer & Meat CSA Update

Due to the virus, there has been a flurry of buying since early March.  Compared to the same period in 2019, our sales from mid-March to mid-April were 5x greater and the buying continues.

Unfortunately, this has left many meat items out of stock.

Please know we are working every day to grow the food you love.  The buying spree came at a time when our freezers were already low as we approached the early summer harvest of finished beef and chicken.

We’ll continue updating this page as inventory changes and harvest information is set.  Also, you can receive Home Delivery day updates by joining our email list.  Before each delivery date, we send an email with our Online Store highlights including new and sale items along with meat items that have come in stock.

Thank you for supporting this local organic farm.

Here is the current freezer update as of May 21, 2020.

BBF Grassfed Beef
We will have some beef available in mid to late June and we anticipate a flurry of buying.   Unfortunately, we’ve run into a major hurdle for harvesting more beef this summer and fall to fill our Online Store.   Our local processor, Bittner’s Eureka Locker, filled up after larger meat processors began to shut down due to the virus.   All the openings for harvesting beef are filled leaving us unable to harvest any beef or pork until December 2020 and January 2021.  This is a great disappointment for us and will result in a shortage of beef after the June harvest is gone.

BBF Pastured Pork
Limited cuts currently available.  At the earliest, we will have pork in late October into November 2020.

BBF Pastured Chicken
Here’s some Good News!  All Chicken cuts will be available for order Monday, May 25!  

As a result of our processing hurdles with beef and pork, we are increasing the number of meat chickens this summer.   We hope to keep you supplied!

Sitka Coho Salmon
Sitka is sold out of Coho as of April 8.    It will be late July to August before we see Coho again.

Blue Ridge Pastured Lamb
Limited amount of cuts currently available.    We do not know when lamb will be harvested again because Blue Ridge has run into the same issue with processing.

BBF Meat CSA Shares

Chicken Only CSA share is currently available.

It’s unlikely we’ll offer Beef, Pork or Sitka Salmon in CSA shares again in 2020.   These cuts, when available, will be offered through our Online Stores.  Availability will be announced through our email list announcements.