Freezer & Meat CSA Update

Freezer & Meat CSA Update

Due to the virus, we have experienced unprecedented buying for our Grassfed Beef, Pastured Chicken, Pastured Pork and Sitka’s Wild Coho Salmon.

In addition, due to larger meat processing plants closing due to irresponsible COVID-19 safety precautions, our local meat processor, Bittner’s Eureka Locker, has been overwhelmed with requests for beef and pork processing.   Processing dates were taken by the larger meat producers leaving no dates available for smaller farms like ours.  This especially affects our beef as we cannot harvest finished beef until January 2021!   In normal times, we could schedule beef 2-3 months in advance.  This delay is extraordinary.

We’ll continue updating this page as inventory changes and harvest information is set.

Also, you can receive Home Delivery day updates by joining our email list.  Before each delivery date, we send an email with our Online Store highlights including new and sale items along with meat items that have come in stock.

Thank you for supporting this local organic farm.

Here is the current freezer update as of  June 21, 2020.

BBF Grassfed Beef
We have a limited variety of beef cuts available beginning with the June 25 delivery to Naperville – Western Suburbs.  Most of our beef is reserved for our Meat CSA Shares.  Our local beef processor, Bittner’s Eureka Locker, filled up after larger meat processors began to shut down and larger farms booked up all the processing dates.   All the openings for harvesting beef are filled leaving us unable to harvest any additional beef until January 2021.  This is a great disappointment for us and will result in a shortage of beef for Online Store sales unless our harvest date is somehow moved up.

BBF Pastured Pork
Sold Out until November, 2020.   We are unable to take pork in for processing until late October 2020 making cuts available in early to mid-November.

BBF Pastured Chicken
Chicken will likely be available through mid to late July.   There may be some cuts unavailable until we process chicken at the end of July.

As a result of our processing hurdles with beef and pork, we have increased the number of meat chickens this summer.   Our first priority is to fill our Meat CSA Shares.   But, we’ll also have some chicken available for our Online Store.

Sitka Coho Salmon
Sitka is sold out of Coho as of April 8.    It will be late July to early August before we see Coho again.  This information remains current as of 6/21/20.

Blue Ridge Pastured Lamb
Limited amount of cuts currently available.    We do not know when lamb will be harvested again because Blue Ridge has run into the same issue with processing.

BBF Meat CSA Shares

All Meat CSA Shares are currently sold out for 2020.