Growing Practices

Our family is committed to raising plants and animals without pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO’s or animal confinement. We believe our chickens, pigs and beef should all have access to forage and be allowed to live a life as close to the earth as possible with as little stress as possible.

Although there are plenty of people who want you to think eating food with pesticides is completely normal, we don’t buy it.

Pesticides should NOT be a part of our diet or environment.  Not for you, not for our family.

We believe raising food should:

  • Do no harm to the environment
  • Provide the most natural setting for our livestock
  • Produce food that is nutritious, fresh and fabulous tasting


Certified Organic Beef and Pastures – Our Grassfed Beef and pastures are Certified Organic by Global Organic Alliance.



Certified Organic Feed – We only use Certified Organic Feed for our chickens and pigs. This assures you there are NO pesticides, No GMO’s and no cheap inputs or industrial by-products in the feed. It’s real and it’s Certified Organic.


Certified Organic Hay and Forage – Only Certified Organic Hay and Certified Organic Pasture for our livestock.



Vegetables without Pesticides

Vegetables grown without pesticides or GMO’s.  Harvested fresh and delivered to your family.


Pastured Meat Chickens

We raise Freedom Ranger meat chickens and multiple breeds of laying hens from 2 day old chicks.   They are raised on Certified Organic grain, Certified Organic pasture.  No growth hormones, No antibiotics.  Beaks are never clipped so they can aggressively harvest their pasture.   We raise both both female and male chickens (roosters and hens).



Grassfed Grass Finished Beef

The beef calves are Grassfed and Grass Finished only and never receive grain.  Grassfed beef calves live a healthy life and produce meat that is more nutritious than confined feedlot beef.  No antibiotics, no growth hormones.  It takes 2+ years to finish our beef calves on grass giving our beef excellent texture and outstanding depth of flavor.


Pastured Hogs

Our hogs are pastured and receive a Certified Organic grain ration.  They do not receive antibiotics or growth hormones.  We quit castrating our young male piglets so they do not endure the stress and pain of the procedure at just a few days old.   Our pigs are allowed to root and romp, play and run.  They never have rings in their noses to prevent them from rooting.  Hogs want to graze plants just as much, and maybe more, than their grain ration.