Herbed Chicken Salad

Herbed Chicken Salad

This delicious farm inspired Chicken Salad is so simple and packed with a ton of flavor and farm goodness.  All inspired by meat, veggies and fresh herbs we’re growing right here at our organic farm and good food from our farm partners like Organic Roots Olive Oil and Bushel & Peck’s raw ferment.

You can create a salad just like this by using the best farm sourced ingredients.

Here’s how it comes together.


BBF Whole Chicken – Simply braised with salted water in our crock pot until cooked through.  Meat was picked and remaining bones, etc. were returned to the crock pot to continue creating the most aromatic broth for a future soup. Meat was shredded and refrigerated.  Shredding is our preferred texture for chicken salad – the meat has more contact with remaining ingredients.


BBF Veggies – A bed of salad greens dressed with Organic Roots Olive Oil, ACV and sprinkle of salt. Tossed and placed in bowl.


Chicken Salad – Created by Brian with BBF Shredded Chicken, BBF Diced Red Onion, BBF diced red Chard stems, Organic Mayo, Organic Dijon Mustard, splash of ACV, Salt, Pepper, fresh BBF Parsley and Dill


Toppings – Any seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs will work but at the time, we used tomatoes, cucumber, Cilantro PLUS Bushel & Peck’s raw fermented Immunichi containing cabbage, carrot, apple, ginger & turmeric.


There is a misconception that healthy eating doesn’t taste good. Or, even look good.  Thank corporate, bland tasting food for this misguidance.  This delicious salad certainly debunks that myth.  The fact this salad is healthy is not the point.  It’s incredible because the food is fresh and locally inspired.  Not difficult, not complicated.  Just real food that tastes really good.