March 2016

March 2016

Our new farm was purchased in January 2016 and we sold the Wyoming farm ground shortly after.  Our challenge was to break down the entire garden and pastures including hoophouses, fences and all the STUFF by the first week of April.  Then, move it all to the new farm, set it back up and be ready to deliver CSA Shares by the second week of June.

Deconstruction of our three 20′ x ’96 hoophouses began March 7.  Angie, Susannah and Laura help remove the plastic from our west house.  The month started out cool but temps warmed and remained mild and dry the entire month.  We were so fortunate to have good weather.

Susannah and Laura show just how warm it was on March 8.  Shorts and barefoot!


Brian begins taking the metal down on one of the hoophouses – the cordless drill is our best friend for the next several days.













Gorgeous weather continues and Laura gets a lift from her Dad.   We were so lucky to have the best help breaking down the garden.  Angie, Becca and Lucy gave us so much time.  Susannah and Laura were also big helpers.  There was ALOT to do by April 1st!



Our help is gone for the day and the clouds have moved in.  But, then the sun started peaking out.   The dismantled hoops from our hoophouses are laying on the ground and our homestead is off in the distance.   As our time in this garden begins to wind down, these pictures in the garden looking west with our homestead in the background are short lived.  We’ve enjoyed this view many times over the last 12 years.



March 11 is another sunny warm day and we’re breaking down the last hoophouse.  You can just barely see the last greens that have overwintered in this house.

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