Beef Braising Package – NEW!


Using our best Certified Organic Grassfed Beef Cuts, you can create the most rich tasting, nutritious broth right at home.   We firmly believe the best beef broth is made with bone and meat.   The beef cuts included here create fall apart, succulent beef perfect for shredded beef tacos, BBQ or soup.   These low and slow beef cuts rival a steak any day.

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Beef Brisket – 1 package, approx. 2.5 lbs

Beef Short Ribs – 1 package, approx. 1.5 lbs

Beef Soup Bone (marrow with meat) – 2 pkgs, one per pkgs

Beef Stew Meat – 2 packages, approx. 2 lbs total

Beef Knuckle Bone – 1 package, 1 bone per package

Beef Bones, 5 lbs – Bulk package of beef bones including meat, fat and bone


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