Beef Broth Maker Package


The best beef broth is made with a combination of bone, meat and fat for maximum flavor and nutrition once the simmering is complete.  Cuts such as Beef Neck Bones, Knuckle and Soup Marrow enrich the stock with flavor and gelatin.

Our standard recommendation is 1 qt. water for every 1 lb. of beef cut.   This package will yield approximately 8-9 quarts of stock for sipping, soups and stews.  For a darker, more intensely flavored stock, brown the cuts in the oven or in a skillet prior to simmering.

Package includes:

5 lbs Grassfed Beef Bones

1 pkg Grassfed Beef Neck Bones, approx. 1 lb.

2  pkgs Beef Knuckle Bones, approx. 2-3 lbs.

1 pkg Beef Soup Marrow Bone, also known as Beef Shank, approx. 1 lb.