Ground Beef-10 lbs


Ground Beef Package, 85/15.  Ten ct. – 1 lb. packages.

Due to our temporary shortage of our own grassfed beef, the ground beef for our late spring deliveries is likely to come from Sutton Heritage Farms in Lowell, IN.   This beef is 100% grassfed on Certified Organic Pastures, no antibiotics, no growth hormones – exactly how we raise our beef here at BBF.   The farm has provided us with Certified Organic hay for our own herd and it just made sense to partner with them to temporarily fill our ground beef needs.

The ground beef is of outstanding quality and we’re certain you will enjoy it!

PRICE: $9/lb

Checkout creates an invoice only. Once total price is calculated based on actual weight, you will be emailed a link to prepay prior to home delivery.