Pork Hock (Cured Shank)


Pork Hock (Pork Shank), 1 per pkg, average 3.0 lbs

Certified Organic cured and smoked

Some of the best, most tender pork comes from the hock or shank of the pig.   Organically cured and smoked, the hock should be braised for soups like white bean and kale, split pea and homemade baked beans.   After a slow, moist braise, the meat is fall apart tender and you have a flavorful stock to create your soup.

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Cooking Tip:
Great for adding succulent, slow cooked meat and flavor to Baked Beans, Split Pea Soup or Bean Soup.  Cook low and slow for best results.


Ingredients:  Broad Branch Farm Pastured Pork Hock,  water,  sea salt,  organic evaporated cane juice,  organic brown sugar,  organic cinnamon,  organic cloves, beet juice.