Moinear Cais, grassfed, OG


Organic Moinear Cais cheese, approx. 8 oz.

Moinear Cais, Gaelic for “Meadow Cheese” is a very limited, outstanding cheese produced by our friends at Shillelagh Glen Farms.   This 100% pastured organic cheese reminds us of Manchego – firm, nutty, rich flavor – you simply can’t stop eating this cheese.  The flavor reflects the care and time taken to produce this lovely product.  How exciting to find such a delicious cheese so close to home.  Not to be missed!

Shillelagh Glen Farms cheese is made seasonally from May – November when “the girls” are grazing on their beautiful organic farm located in the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin.

As the McCluskey Family says, “Taste the Sunshine!”

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