Real Lemonade with Local Honey

Real Lemonade with Local Honey

These hot summer days call for an ice cold glass of real lemonade.   Not something made from a powder.  Real lemons.   Real local honey.  Pure old fashioned lemonade goodness.

Here’s how it goes:

4 organic lemons

1 T organic sugar

1 qt. water

4 T Solstice honey

Using a vegetable peeler, peel the lemons avoiding the white pith under the skin.   Your peels should be yellow on top and bottom.  If you see white pith, use a lighter touch while peeling.

Place peels in a mortar and pestle, add 1 T sugar and pound peels until they look wet and are slightly broken up.   Set aside.

Cut lemons in half and extract juice.  We use a glass lemon reamer that gives us pulp but also the seeds.  After juicing a couple lemons, use a spoon to remove the seeds.   This method of removing seeds retains the lemon pulp.  If you don’t care for pulp, just strain your juice when you’re done juicing all the lemon halves.

In a quart jar, add 4 T Solstice honey.  Add 3 cups cold water and stir to dissolve honey.  Add lemon juice to quart jar and stir.  Place one cup cold water in mortar and pestle and stir up all the lemon peels.   Using a small ladle or measuring cup, add this mixture to your quart jar and stir.

Taste and add more lemon juice or honey to your liking.    We serve ours over a tall glass of ice without straining out the peel.  If that’s bothersome, pour lemonade through a strainer and serve.

Either way, it will make you smile!