Reusable Bag Program

In an effort to reduce our use of plastic bags, our farm uses reusable nylon drawstring bags to deliver our Meat CSA Shares and meat orders.

The bags include a tag with a note to return the bag to the farm so we can reuse with future orders.

Since kicking off this program in the spring of 2018, we have avoided using hundreds of plastic bags to deliver our meat.   It is the right thing and we want to continue offering our meat sales in these reusable bags.

We need your help to continue making this program a success.


How to Return the BBF Reusable Bags

If you receive a Meat CSA or Meat Order with one of our farm’s reusable bags, please return with your next CSA delivery or online order.

The bag(s) can be left in your cooler or on your porch for our delivery driver to pick up when dropping off an order.

If you have a bag(s) and do not have a delivery coming soon, please Contact Us and request a bag pick up.  If your location is convenient on delivery day, we’ll have a driver pick up your empty bags.

Thank you very much for supporting our reusable bag program!