Vegetable FAQ’s

Vegetable FAQ’s


Our CSA Season runs from June – November.  We offer every other Thursday home delivery to our Peoria and Naperville – Western Suburbs delivery areas.

We also offer Custom Shares that let you choose the weeks you want to receive a delivery.

2024 CSA Start Dates & End Dates

Peoria  & Surrounding Areas – June 6 thru November 7

Naperville & Western Suburbs – June 13 thru November 14


What if I Have to Miss a Delivery?

If you need to skip a delivery, please notify us by email with date(s) you want to skip.   **Be sure you get a confirmation back from the farm.

Cancelled deliveries can be made up in another CSA delivery week by emailing and requesting a make up delivery.  You do not forfeit your food if you cancelled and the food was not delivered.


What Should I Expect in a Vegetable Share?

You should expect 6-8 items in each vegetable box.   We harvest the vegetables as they come in season.   Size of each vegetable serving will be similar to items you see at the farmer’s market – a bunch of beets, pint of cherry tomatoes or 1/2 lb bag of salad mix, etc.   Quantities are not for canning – they are fresh eating.


What is the Weight of Each Vegetable Share?

We do not quote a weight on the vegetable boxes because there is so much variation throughout the season.  Early June boxes are filled with less hefty spring greens and September boxes have tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc.   We will provide 6-8 items with varying weights throughout the season.


How Many People will the Vegetable Box Feed?

Because each family is different in their eating habits – what vegetables are liked/disliked, how many times you eat out, etc – it is difficult for us to predict how long and how many people each vegetable box will feed.


Can I Choose What Comes in My Vegetable Share?

Unfortunately, we are unable to customize individual tastes for each vegetable box.  The idea behind the CSA is to make the best use of the variety of vegetables included with each delivery.