Welcome To The New Farm

Welcome To The New Farm

In January 2016, our journey to relocate our farm began when we purchased a 25-acre parcel of Certified Organic farmland and timber near Chillicothe, IL.   This new location is approximately 12 miles from our Wyoming farm.   Our new farm is picturesque with plenty of timber, rolling landscape, pond, pasture and room for building a passive solar home.

Above all, we will no longer struggle to protect our family and food from conventional agriculture.   Our strong desire to live, work and produce clean food in peace with no confrontations from pesticide applicators has been a driving force to relocate.

But, the move is bittersweet as we leave a garden and pastures we have farmed organically for 12 seasons.   Anyone who grows food, especially organically, knows just how close the relationship is to the land that grows your food.

We share the following words and pictures of our transition to our Chillicothe farm.

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