Classic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

Classic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

There is nothing more simple than a homemade vinaigrette, but the rewards are huge!   Once you begin making your own dressing, you’ll quickly realize the store bought are mere impostors to your incredible creations.    This homemade dressing takes about 10 minutes and even your kids could accomplish this task.    There is no need for store bought – start making your own today.

2 medium garlic cloves
1/2 tsp salt
3 T organic apple cider or red wine vinegar
1 tsp fresh or bottled organic lemon juice
Lemon zest – include if you are using a fresh lemon for juice
1 tsp grainy mustard
Fresh ground pepper
6 T best organic olive oil such as Organic Roots EVOO
Dried or fresh herbs of your choice – our favorites are thyme & Greek oregano

If you have a mortar and pestle, use it to smash garlic and salt into a paste.   If not, use your knife to chop fine and smash cloves & salt into a paste.  Creating a paste gives you maximum garlic flavor.  Place in medium bowl.

Add vinegar to the garlic.  Stir in lemon juice, lemon zest, mustard and fresh pepper.

Using a whisk, slowly drizzle olive oil into bowl whisking gently to incorporate the oil. It really helps if your olive oil bottle has a pour spout to help control the speed of the drizzle.  A steady, slow drizzle is best.  Employ a helper if you can’t whisk and pour at the same time. You will quickly see your vinaigrette come together or emulsify as the olive oil becomes suspended in the vinegar. Voila! Classic Vinaigrette!

Taste and adjust your salt level. Add crushed dried herbs or chopped fresh herbs as you like. We store our dressings on the counter as we eat them very quickly.

Fruit Vinaigrette – Using ripe fresh fruit or thawed frozen such as strawberries, chop and gently heat until berries have broken down.  Puree or smash fruit into a paste.  Add to your vinaigrette.   You can also add a spoonful of your best jam to create a fruit flavored dressing.